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Tamil Language Course - 2021

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The Divisional Secretary, Assistant Divisional Secretary participated in the ceremony held on 10th of April 2021 from 1.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m in the office auditorium to successfully complete the 14 days "Tamil Language Course - 2021" conducted by the Divisional Secretariat, Rideegama.

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Regional Job Fair Program -2021

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The “Regional Job Fair Program” was launched by the Department of Manpower and Employment and the Human Resources Division of the Rideegama Divisional Secretariat on 23rd march 2021 at 9.00 a.m with the participation of the Assistant Divisional Secretary of Rideegama at the Auditorium of the Rideegama Divisional Secretariat on behalf of job seekers in the Rideegama Division.

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Regional Environmental Committee Gathering- Ridigama

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The Ridigama regional environmental committee gathering took place in the Ridigama divisional secretariat auditorium on 18th of February 2021 with the participation of Divisional Secretary, Chairman of the Pradeshiya sabha, Assistant divisional secretary, Central environment officers, representatives from government organizations in the division etc.

Facts like activities of the regional environmental committe, implementing committiees in village level, and "Surakimu Ganga" project details were discussed in the meeting.

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Handing over newly built office room for staff use

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A new office room was built to cope with the office space inadequacy issue prevailing in the divisional secretariat - Ridigama. This was today, that is 3rd of March 2021 handed over for the use of office staff. The simple ceremony of opening the room took place under the guidance of Divisional Secretary and with the participation of religious priests.

Appointment Letter Offering to Graduate Trainees - 2021

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The appointmnet letter offering ceremony for graduate trainees-2021 was held on 8th February 2021 at the Ridigama Divisional Secretariat auditoriam. The graduate trainees belonging to the Ridigama division recieved their appointment letters on this day. The ceremony held under the guidance of the divisional secretary Mr. WGKD Wickramasooriya and with the participation of the staff members of the divisional secretariat.

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Tamil Language Course - 2021

Tamil Language Course - 2021

Tamil Language Course - 2021   The...

Regional Job Fair Program -2021

Regional Job Fair Program -2021

Regional Job Fair Program -2021   The...

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