Our Vision

To become a Divisional Secretariat Division where a satisfactory peoples lives through sustainable development.

Our Mission

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.

History of Rideegama Divisional Secretariat

Comprising Madure Krale,Ihala wisideka Neganahira Korale and Hewawissa Korale together to form Divisional revenue controlling area, as the administrative unit-Rideegama,was established in 1974, bounded on the East by Mathale District ,On the west by present Divisional Secretariat- Mawathagama on the North by present Divisional Secretariat- Ibbagamuwa and on the South by Kandy District. The first Revenue controlling officer of this administrative unit ,comprising 40 Grama Sewaka Divisions was Mr. Lalith Heengama. He was transfered in 1975 and respectively Mr.S. Dematapitiya hold this possition.By then, the Divisional Revenue controling office was occupied in a private residence at Kavisigamuwa junction in Hewawissa Korale.

Then the office was Shifted to the same kind of private residence at Rambukandana in Madure Korale.Mr. S Dematapitiya had been holding the same post for 5 years since 1975 to 1980.

In 1980 Mr. Wilbert Godawela assumed the duties as the Divisional Revenue controling officer. Meanwhile the construction of a new office was started under the D.C.B. Allocations and declared opned on 22 nd of September 1980. Simulteneously, the title name was changed to Assistant. Gov. Agent and the office name also was changed to A.G.A. Office. As the result of absorbing the post of Vishesa Sewa Niladahri to the post of Grama Sewa Niladahri in 1987,Tha AGA Division was restructered comprising 60 Grama Sewa Divisions. After 9 years service , A.G.A. W Godawela was trasfered. With decentralizing of power,again the title name was changed to Divisional Secretary and the office name was changed of Divisional Secretariat.The number of GS Divisions in the area also was increased upto 113.So that in 1989 Mr. R.D.S.De Waduthanthri was appointed as the first Divisional Secretary to Rideegama Division. After 2 years of his service period Mr S.D.G.Lorence to call the possition in 1991.Since he was transfered in same year,Assistant Divisional Secretary Mr. A.P.G. Kithsiri worked as the acting Divisional Secretary since 1991 to 1993.

Within the period from 1993 to 2004 Mr. M.M.W.P.B.Ekanayaka had been serving as the Divisional Secretary for 11 years till his retirement.Then Mr. L.M. Ramayasiri assumed the duties in the post in 2004 and was trasfered in 2005.Later Mr .R.A.S. Jayathilaka provided his service to the area as Divisional Secretary within the period of 6 years, upto the year 2011.In the year 2011, Mr. R.M.P.Ratnayake became the Divisional Secretary and in the year of 2016 he was transferred.Since then Mr. M.S.M.Nawas has been fulfilling his responsibilities as the Divisional Secretary upto the first quarter of 2019. Since then upto the end of 2020 Mrs. M.P.W Shiromani is rendered  her service as the Divisional Secretary of Divisional Secretariat-Rideegama. Then for a short period of time Mr. Mr. N.A.A.S.Priyankara rendered his service as the acting Divisional Secretary. After that from 6th January 2021 Mr. W.G.K.D Wickramasooriya started his duty as the current Divisional Secretary.

Head of the organization who served from 1973 at Ridigama Divisional Secretariat

Name From To
Mr. Lalith Heengama 1973 1975
Mr. S.Dematapitiya 1975 1980
Mr. Wilbert Godawela 1980 1989
Mr. R.De.S.waduthanthree 1989 1991
Mr. S.D.E.Lorance 1991 1992
Mr. A.P.G.Kithsiri 1992 1993
Mr. M.M.W.P.B.Ekanayake 1993 2004
Mr. L.H.Ramyasiri 2004 2005
Mr. R.A.S.Jayathilaka 2005 2011
Mr. R.M.P.Rathnayake 2011 2016
Mr. M.S.M.Nawas 2016 2019
Mrs.M.P.W.Shiromani 2019 2020
Mr. N.A.A.S.Priyankara 2020 2021
Mr. W.G.K.D Wickramasooriya 2021 -


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