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“Becoming the pioneer of transforming Sri Lanka a prosperous country without poverty and with empowered nations by 2030”


“Contributing to economic development through the building up of a poverty free prosperous country by empowering disadvantaged people (economically, socially, politically, physically, psychologically, legally and environmentally) and minimizing regional disparity through delivering effective, efficient, speedy and productive solutions in a people friendly manner through the satisfactory contribution of the network of Departmental, Community Based Organizations and Micro-Finance Institutions and professionals with the collaboration of the private, public, people and political sectors and local and global agencies.“

Samurdhi Subsidy Programme
Family Selection
  • Select families through the priority According to the 2015/2016 survey
  • New families will receive new subsidies instead of subsidy removers according to the recommendation of the Samurdhi Development Officer, Regional Manager in the division and the approval of Divisional Secretary
Family Size Value
1 or 2 members 1500/=
3 members 2500/=
More than 4 members 3500/=
Empowered Families 420/=
Composition of the subsidy
Total Amount Cash to Hand Compulsory savings Housing lottery Social Insurance
1500/= 1250/= 100/= 50/= 100/=
2500/= 2150/= 200/= 50/= 100/=
3500/= 3050/= 300/= 50/= 100/=
420/=   270/= 50/= 100/=


  • Cash to Hand
    • It is credited to the beneficiary's bank account and can be obtained through Samurdhi Banks.
  • Compulsory savings
  • It is credited to the Beneficiary's bank account and should have one of the following criteria to get the money.

    • 70 Years Completion
    • If a child is studing in a university
    • A particular disease (kidney, cancer, surgery)
  • Housing lottery
    • One win for each Divisional Secretariat will be won monthly.
    • Value of Rs. 200,000.00.
    • This is given for Housing construction, purchase of a property and business.
  • Social Insurance
  • The money will be released for the following purposes.

    • Rs. 7500 each for three children
    • For marriage Rs.7500 each (maximum of two marriages)
    • Rs. 15000 for one death (no limit of deaths)
    • Donation for hospitalization is Rs. 7500 for 30 days per year (Rs.250 per day -maximum donation Rs. 7500)
    • Birth of twins Rs. 5000 and three births and more Rs. 10,000 per month for one year

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